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5 Ways to Make Holiday Entertaining Easy at CONNECTT

When you’re living in one of the fastest-growing municipalities in Canada, you can certainly anticipate the rich social life that comes with it. Life at CONNECTT is both scenic and social, yet full of small-town charm—Milton modern living at its most vibrant.

But even though this master-planned community is both cosmopolitan and of-the-moment, there are a number of ways to embrace tradition as well, and celebrating the holiday season in chic style is definitely one of them. Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa gatherings are easy, particularly if you entertain the crowd in CONNECTT’s lavish amenity spaces.

The Lobby at CONNECTT

1. Let the Lobby set the scene

Anchor a small welcoming party in CONNECTT’s spacious and inviting lobby to greet your guests and help steer them toward your holiday party. There’s nothing like a familiar face to make visitors feel at ease. All interior spaces at CONNECTT were designed by the Vaughan firm in2design, equipped for the modern dweller—and setting the tone for the evening the minute people walk in the door.

The Party Room at CONNECTT

2. Take full advantage of the extra space

Though having people into your home is always special, holiday time often calls for more room to spread out. The third floor series of spaces is perfect for this. The Party Room is a unique combination of essential elements that work to create a soothing and sumptuous environment—whether you’re serving a feast or just popping a few corks. The cozy dining room leads to a comfortable lounge area opposite a handsome L-shaped bar, with a full kitchen tucked into the back. The exquisitely designed furnishings, the distinctive mood lighting—all these things come together to ensure everyone feels right at home.

3. Break away from the holiday havoc

In all honesty, the holidays can be stressful at times, with so many chores to tend to and errands to run and people to touch base with. This extra energy is often spent begrudgingly, as we make room for a busy schedule. But by gathering everyone in one spot, you don’t have to visit different people in separate stages and can cover off all the getting together in one go. Whether you’re entertaining extended family members you don’t see very often, university chums, people from your department at work—even people from your own floor of the building, the multi-use amenity space at CONNECTT fits the bill perfectly. It’s a great location to get the regular gang together to exchange gifts and share a few drinks before everyone spokes off to spend time with family. And when the digs are this smart, having everybody come to you is a no-brainer.

The Games Room at CONNECTT

4. Plot the party carefully—or quirkily

What are you planning? What’s the “hook”? Is it a sugar-rush pot luck, where everyone brings their favourite seasonal dessert to share or do you lay out a delicious dessert party catered by a local bakery? Maybe you throw a cocktail party with an inventive festive drinks menu to shake up. Do you have a mixologist friend who can help develop a theme? Cocktails and cookies? A mixology class?

Perhaps a quieter tone is in order, something lower key; sitting-on-the-floor type fun. A wine and cheese tasting can keep things simple—but doing a blind tasting makes it a palate-pleasing game. Speaking of games, a session of billiards in the Games Lounge can keep party guests entertained for hours. This space really is your oyster.

5. Go all out this year

The plan could be such that you’re hosting the big event itself this year, pulling out all the stops for family and friends with a Seder or Christmas feast. This will be the exact environment you need for everyone to enjoy your hospitality at CONNECTT. The space itself makes entertaining as effortless as possible.

Bonus: Out of town guests can stay over

The luxe Guest Suite is perfect for anybody who has travelled to hang out with you and wants to spend the night. This is great for parents, too.

Combined with all the other amenities, infused with culture and inspired by community, the Party Room at CONNECTT truly is your holiday season done right.

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